Rock Ventures Dubai White Paper

Rock Ventures Dubai White Paper

White Paper and Pre Sale details available now!

Exciting times here at Rock Expansion Middle East.  Over the last few months we have been working on a brand new project in order to raise a venture fund in Dubai to welcome the next generation of start up tech innovators to the region.  In order to do this we have started a campaign to raise funds via what is known as an Initial Coin Offering.

We ourselves at Rock are quite new to the blockchain and crypto space and so the last few months have been an amazing learning experience for us.  Working together with the leading figures in the crypto space and raising the profile of the brand amongst the community has been completely nerve wracking but at the same time so educational and inspirational.  

The development of our early stage White Paper allowed us to really lay out our goals and vision as a company, and it provided us with the opportunity to look at the roadmap for the years ahead and really detail how we see ourselves contributing to the development of this innovative and ground breaking technology.

The link to our White Paper is here -

And we look forward to keeping you much more updated as we progress in our journey,


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