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Rock Expansion was founded in the Middle East in 2015, with the intention of encouraging international tech companies looking to expand by assisting with business expansion strategy, and making it easier for SME's, start ups and solo entrepreneurs to access the region.  Very shortly after this we started focusing exclusively on blockchain technology and ever since have worked tirelessly to encourage mainstream adoption and commercial success for blockchain companies within the Middle East and Far East regions. 


Our Founder and CEO Angela Morrison previously ran an international corporate relocation firm operating in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the US.  After spending the last four years living in various locations in the Middle East, she developed a wealth of incredible connections that have fast tracked the first years of Rock Expansion business growth.


As of June 2019 we are excited to announce the newest member to the Rock Group family - Rock Studios, joining Rock Expansion UK, Rock Expansion Middle East, Rock Recruit UK and Rock Ventures in our growing portfolio of international businesses.  


Whether you are looking to open up international markets for your business, are travelling extensively and require consulting or support services, have huge plans for fast track expansion and would like advice on scaling internationally, require investment to get your project launched, or you simply need a mastermind retreat on a deserted beach to connect and collaborate with the greatest minds in crypto - Rock has you covered 

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