Global Expansion Consultancy Services 


Rock Expansion represents a wealth of international talent from all specialisms and backgrounds, all of whom are committed to devoting their skills and experience to the development and advancement of blockchain technology through the creation and growth of successful commercial projects and enterprises.  All of our independent consultants can work directly with your senior team within their particular field of expertise in order to take your blockchain business to the next level, expand or grow your operations globally, ensure that your ICO raise is utilised effectively, or implement and integrate blockchain technology within the infrastructure of existing commercial businesses


Our range of experts specialise in the following key areas - 

  • Middle East and Far East business expansion
  • Regulatory and regional compliance within Middle East and Far East areas 
  • Growing, scaling and commercialising your blockchain startup
  • Raising finance and developing a solid revenue model 
  • Social media and marketing growth
  • Senior Team Executive Coaching
  • Technical development including Token Economics 


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